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Accepting things you cannot change is one of the most practical things you can do.

Why? Because the energy you would use to try to change something you cannot change can be put to better use in order to mold the kind of life you truly want to live.

Over the years, I’ve come across many adages and philosophies that embody the concept of accepting things you cannot change. Reinhold Niebuhr prayed:

This is a practical prayer, probably one of the most practical prayers I’ve ever heard because it tells you how to deal with obstacles and uncertainty in your life with 3 main…

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Deal with the skeletons in your closet before anything else.

If there are things that you’ve been needing to address for awhile, address them now.

And address the important things as they come.

When we wait too long to address the important things, they build up and they only make life more difficult. It’s like sweeping crap under a rug. Sure, it’s out of sight and out of mind, but eventually it starts to stink.

In other words, when life turns upside down, the things you’ve been avoiding — problems that were once small — suddenly emerge as mature issues that can undermine your ability to effectively respond.

So, before you pick up your next book on life hacks or read another 15 minute article about growth mindsets, handle what’s long overdue. …

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Vet your relationships carefully.

When entering into any relationship, whether it’s romantic, business or friendship, their past matters.

Why? Because you’re taking your time and making an investment into this persons past. Their past dictates their motivations for engaging with you.

In other words, they want to see how much of a utility you’ll serve to be.

Everything they’ve done up until the point of your agreement to transact, will potentially impact your life later on(or immediately).

You should vet everyone you’re about to enter any kind of relationship with.

Your time is precious.

Some say this is cold or detached but it’s the intelligent thing to do. …

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You have to be bigger than your decisions. And you can’t be afraid to disengage from bad outcomes

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As if formal educational wasn’t a bore as is, virtualization annihilates the supposed intent of education.

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Whether you make good decisions or bad decisions, it’s up to you. It’s in your control.


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